We offer the resources below to help you think through issues you might be facing in your work or school life.  We are happy to talk more about any of these problems or strategies.  Just call 6-6400 or email to set up a confidential meeting.

Apologies and Forgiveness

An apology is a powerful means of reconciliation and restoring trust.  However, sometimes even a well-intentioned apology can exacerbate a conflict.  Learn more about effective apologies (material used with permission from Columbia University) and the importance of forgiveness to yourself and others.

What is Mediation?

If you are having difficulties with a colleague, a supervisor, a supervisee, teammates, students, or anyone else in the campus community, you should consider mediation.  Mediation is a confidential and customizable process for dispute resolution and decision-making.  Pursuing mediation does not prevent you from exploring other resolution alternatives, such as grievances.  Follow the link to learn more about how mediation works.

Dealing with Supervisors

We are collecting materials on how to build a more productive relationship with your manager.  Follow the link to review what we have so far.


What does it mean to be resilient?  Lauren Ortiz (J.D. 1998; M.S. in Conflict & Dispute Resolution, 2016) explains that being resilient does not mean being cheerful all the time, but instead describes an ability to adapt well to stressful or traumatic events.

Roommate Conflicts

UO graduate student Nolan Kane (M.S. in Conflict & Dispute Resolution, 2016) researched and wrote his terminal project on how roommates can resolve disputes and make decisions effectively.  His project contains a useful overview of conflict theory as well as practical tips and techniques. 

What is Bullying?

Defining bullying, the impacts of bullying, and how to prevent bullying behaviors in the workplace. 

What is Whistleblowing?

Defining whistleblowing, resources on whistleblowing, and how to protect whistleblowers.

Coming soon, resources around:

  • Effective email
  • Restorative justice