The Ombuds Program

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The university ombudsperson is a designated neutral who can assist in resolving university-related concerns in an informal, confidential, non-escalating, and impartial manner. If you are not sure where to go for help for any issue under the control of the University of Oregon, the Ombuds Program is a good first choice for help directly or for information about other resources that may be a good fit for your need. More on neutrality

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The ombudsperson reports directly to the university president and is a designated, impartial, neutral, confidential resource to assist students, faculty, staff, administrators, and others within the entire university community to address issues and resolve concerns through informal, non-escalating approaches. The Ombuds Program is a completely voluntary, off-the-record resource that uses informal, non-escalating approaches to help individuals develop approaches to resolve their concern or conflict. It is designed to complement other formal services, but not to duplicate them or their processes. More on independence

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Confidentiality is a fundamental element of the Ombuds Program. To comply with the standards of practice and code of ethics of the International Ombudsman Association and to best fulfill the Ombuds Program's commitment to sound principles of effective service, the university ombudsperson and all staff of the Ombuds Program treat all communications with the ombudsperson as strictly confidential to the maximum extent permitted by law. More on confidentiality, notice, and terms of use